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Why Train Your Dog?

Training builds a positive relationship

The more time you spend together - your bond and understanding of each other grows.

Training teaches life skills

Dogs can successfully live in your home environment. Training sets them up for success through management of the environment at first while they are learning "what to do" in various situations. Training gives you the knowledge and skills to understand your canine

companion in a whole new way.

Training increases sociability

Establishing basic manners, self-control, calmness and confidence through training your dog helps them be resilient in any situation they encounter. They become better able to navigate the human world safely and securely interacting with people and the environment at home and in public.


Training can prevent problem behaviors

Training builds a language of communication between you and your dog that promotes security and comfort. The more time you spend helping your dog learn what exactly you want him to do avoids problems that come from a lack of understanding. There are 3 C's that we emphasize throughout all of our training programs - Communication, Clarity, and Consistency.

Training has beneficial effects for owners too.

Your wellbeing and health are optimized when you have a great relationship with your dog. Dogs help you stay active, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, bolster your immune system, and help fight loneliness.

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