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Training and Total Wellbeing for Life

Welcome to Hawaii's most unique dog training experience. Our passion and purpose is to guide you in meeting your dog's changing needs throughout their lifetime. Our goal for you is a sound, well balanced dog - physically, mentally, and emotionally .

We know dog ownership and training is HARD work! Life with your dog should be a joyful experience.If your dog's behavior is causing you stress or concern, Pawsitive Pals Plus can help. Through our customized programs, coaching, and support, we help people become amazing dog owners.


Our Vision

Our vision is a happy, healthy to dog who is well balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout their lifespan.

Dogs have different needs throughout their lifespan. Training, fitness, and emotional needs differ for Puppies, Teenagers, Growing Adults and Seniors.

We practice positive, force free, science based methods that emphasize clear communication, mutual respect and trust, and consistency to increase the behavior, health, and performance of animals.

What if you could strengthen your relationship with your dog and replace unwanted behavior through a step-by-step plan? It could be the most fun you ever had!

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. Pawsitive Pals Plus is here for you.


How to Get Started

Our Roadmap to Success

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Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is 90 minutes. This is our time to get to know you and your dog. During the consultation we get a complete history, observe and evaluate your dog, and discuss your needs and goals. We set goals together and design a customized program to meet your unique needs.

Choose a Plan

Type of Training

Training is avalable in 3 areas: Training and Behavior,Dog Sports,and Wellness

Most of the time, we use tools from all three areas to create your program

Private or Group

Private 1:1 training is the fastest way to address issues.


Training and Support

Now that you have decided what type of training best suits you and your dog , it's time to get to work. Individual or group sessions are scheduled. The most important factor in changing or developing behavior is SUPPORT. In addition to clear written instructions a detailed follow up email is sent following a training session.  We offer phone and email support between sessions to make sure training procedure is clear


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